San Bernardino, California. Where to stay & City advice for travellers.

San Bernardino Travel Guide

Exploring the Charms of San Bernardino, California

Best Locations to Stay in San Bernardino

1. Downtown San Bernardino

Downtown San Bernardino is a vibrant area with a mix of historic charm and modern amenities. Stay here to be close to the city’s major attractions like the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum, as well as local shops and restaurants. Prices for accommodations range from $80 to $150 per night.

2. University District

If you prefer a more youthful and energetic atmosphere, consider staying in the University District near California State University, San Bernardino. This lively neighborhood offers a range of affordable accommodations, and you’ll have easy access to the campus, lively bars, and casual eateries. Accommodation prices here range from $60 to $100 per night.

3. Arrowhead Springs

For a tranquil getaway, Arrowhead Springs is an excellent choice. Located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, this neighborhood offers a serene ambiance and stunning natural landscapes. Enjoy hiking trails, hot springs, and beautiful resorts. The cost of accommodations in Arrowhead Springs varies from $150 to $300 per night.

4. Hospitality Lane

Hospitality Lane is a popular area for travelers due to its proximity to the San Bernardino International Airport and major highways. Here, you’ll find a variety of hotels, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxury establishments. Prices for accommodations on Hospitality Lane start from $70 and can go up to $200 per night.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

The daily cost for travelers in San Bernardino varies depending on accommodation, dining choices, and activities. On average, you can expect to spend around $70 to $150 per day. This estimate includes mid-range accommodations, eating at local restaurants, transportation, and visiting attractions.

Safety Tips for Travelers in San Bernardino

  • Be cautious of your surroundings, especially in urban areas at night.
  • Avoid displaying valuable items and keep your belongings secure.
  • Use well-lit and populated areas when walking around the city.
  • Follow traffic rules and be aware of your surroundings while driving.
  • It is advisable to have a car or use ridesharing services for transportation.
  • Research the areas you plan to visit and check for any travel advisories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is San Bernardino a safe city for tourists?

While San Bernardino has areas that may have higher crime rates, overall, it can be a safe city for tourists if you take basic precautions. Stay in well-populated areas, be aware of your surroundings, and secure your belongings to minimize any potential risks.

2. What are some must-visit attractions in San Bernardino?

San Bernardino offers several attractions worth visiting, including the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum, the Original McDonald’s Site and Museum, and the Glen Helen Regional Park. Nature enthusiasts can also explore the nearby San Bernardino National Forest for hiking and outdoor adventures.