Merrillville, Indiana. Where to stay & City advice for travellers.


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Exploring the Hidden Gems of Merrillville, Indiana

Best Locations or Neighborhoods to Stay

1. Downtown Merrillville

Nestled in the heart of Merrillville, Downtown offers a vibrant atmosphere with a range of accommodation options. Stay close to lively restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. From cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, Downtown Merrillville has something for every traveler.

2. Grand Boulevard Area

The Grand Boulevard Area is a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque stay. Enjoy the tranquility of this neighborhood lined with leafy streets, beautiful parks, and charming houses. With a variety of vacation rentals available, it’s an excellent option for families or those looking for a longer stay.

3. Crown Point

Just a short drive from Merrillville, the town of Crown Point offers a delightful small-town experience with a historic downtown area. Enjoy boutique shops, cozy eateries, and the historic Lake County Courthouse. Experience a relaxed stay in one of the cozy bed and breakfasts or hotels in the area.

4. Schererville

Schererville is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, including sprawling parks, walking trails, and golf courses. This neighborhood provides a peaceful and picturesque stay, allowing visitors to connect with nature while enjoying nearby amenities. From budget-friendly motels to well-appointed hotels, Schererville has accommodation options to suit every budget.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

On average, travelers can expect to spend around $100 to $150 per day in Merrillville, Indiana. This estimate includes accommodation, meals, transportation, and entertainment. However, prices may vary depending on your preferences and the time of year you visit.

Public Transportation Options and Renting a Car

While public transportation in Merrillville is somewhat limited, there are options available to explore the city and surrounding areas. The Northwest Indiana Regional Bus Authority (NIRBA) operates bus services connecting Merrillville with neighboring towns and cities. However, renting a car is highly recommended to conveniently explore the wider region and access attractions beyond the reach of public transportation.

Several car rental agencies are available in Merrillville and neighboring towns, providing various vehicle options to suit your needs. Renting a car allows you to have the freedom to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems in and around Merrillville without relying solely on public transportation.

Safety Tips for Travelers

Merrillville, Indiana, is relatively safe, but it’s always important to take precautions while traveling. Here are some safety tips for your visit:

1. Secure your belongings: Keep your valuables, including passports and money, in a safe place, such as a hotel safe, when not in use.

2. Stay informed: Familiarize yourself with the local emergency contact numbers and the location of the nearest hospital or medical center.

3. Be cautious at night: Avoid walking alone in unfamiliar or poorly lit areas during nighttime. Opt for well-lit and populated areas.

4. Follow traffic rules: If you’re driving, abide by speed limits and traffic regulations to ensure a safe journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are some must-visit attractions near Merrillville?

Near Merrillville, must-visit attractions include the Indiana Dunes National Park, Deep River Waterpark, Albanese Candy Factory, and the Shrine of the Christ’s Passion.

2. Are there any local festivals or events in Merrillville?

Merrillville hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. Some popular ones include the Merrillville Farmers Market, Summer Concert Series, and the Lake County Fair. Check the local events calendar to see what’s happening during your visit.