Commerce City, Colorado. Where to stay & City advice for travellers.

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  • Where to Stay
  • Estimated Daily Cost
  • Public Transportations
  • Safety Tips for Travelers
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Travel Blog – Commerce City, Colorado

Exploring Commerce City, Colorado: A Hidden Gem

Best Locations or Neighborhoods to Stay

1. Reunion

Nestled in the northeastern part of Commerce City, Reunion offers a tranquil and picturesque stay for visitors. With its stunning parks, well-maintained trails, and serene lakes, Reunion provides a perfect retreat after a day of exploring. The neighborhood also boasts charming accommodation options ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels.

2. Buffalo Run

Situated on the eastern side of Commerce City, Buffalo Run is a dynamic neighborhood known for its golf courses and outdoor recreational opportunities. Travelers looking to enjoy a round of golf or indulge in outdoor activities like hiking or biking will find Buffalo Run an ideal place to stay. The neighborhood offers various accommodation options, including hotels and vacation rentals.

3. Second Creek

Second Creek, located in the southwestern part of Commerce City, offers a perfect blend of convenience and tranquility. With its easy access to Denver International Airport and nearby shopping centers, it appeals to both business and leisure travelers. Second Creek offers a range of accommodation choices to suit every budget, from budget-friendly hotels to luxury resorts.

4. Derby

Derby, situated in the southern region of Commerce City, is a charming neighborhood famous for its historic buildings and vibrant arts scene. Visitors staying in Derby can explore the local art galleries, enjoy live performances at the Derby Theater, and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere. Accommodation options in Derby include cozy guesthouses and boutique hotels, providing a memorable stay.

Estimated Daily Cost for Travelers

On average, travelers can expect to spend around $100-150 per day in Commerce City, Colorado. This estimate includes accommodation, meals, transportation, and entertainment expenses. However, prices may vary depending on individual preferences and the time of year.

Public Transportation and Renting a Car

Public Transportation

Commerce City offers a range of public transportation options, making it easy for travelers to navigate the area. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates bus services that connect Commerce City with nearby cities and attractions. Additionally, Denver’s light rail system provides convenient access to Denver and other surrounding areas.

Renting a Car

For those who prefer the flexibility and convenience of having their own transportation, renting a car is a popular choice. Several well-known car rental companies operate in Commerce City and the Denver area, offering a wide range of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets. Having a car allows travelers to explore Commerce City and its surroundings at their own pace and venture off the beaten path.

Safety Tips for Travelers

  • Always keep your personal belongings secure and be mindful of your surroundings.
  • Carry a copy of important documents such as your passport and ID while leaving the originals in a secure location.
  • Use reliable transportation options, and if walking at night, stick to well-lit and populated areas.
  • Stay informed about the local weather conditions and be prepared for sudden changes, particularly during winter visits.
  • Follow any safety guidelines provided by local authorities or tour operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Commerce City a safe destination?

Commerce City is generally considered safe for travelers. However, it is always important to exercise caution and follow standard safety practices to ensure a trouble-free visit. Avoid leaving valuables unattended and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar areas.

2. What is the best time to visit Commerce City, Colorado?

The best time to visit Commerce City is during the spring and summer months, from April to September. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and outdoor activities can be enjoyed to the fullest. However, it’s worth noting that Colorado’s unpredictable weather can bring sudden changes, so it’s always a good idea to check the forecast and be prepared.