Buckeye, Arizona. Where to stay & City advice for travellers.

Table of Content

  • City Info
  • Where to Stay
  • Estimated Daily Cost
  • Public Transportations
  • Safety Tips for Travelers
  • F.A.Q’s

Exploring Buckeye, Arizona: A Hidden Gem in the Desert


Buckeye, Arizona, may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about a travel destination, but this charming town has its own unique appeal. Located in the arid landscape of Maricopa County, Buckeye offers a peaceful escape from the bustling cities nearby. With its scenic beauty, friendly atmosphere, and affordable options for travelers, Buckeye is a great place to experience the beauty of the desert Southwest.

Best Locations to Stay

1. Downtown Buckeye

Downtown Buckeye is the heart of the town, where you can find a range of quaint accommodations, including comfortable hotels and cozy bed and breakfasts. Staying in this area allows easy access to local restaurants, shops, and historic sites. Enjoy the small-town charm and discover the area’s rich heritage.

2. Verrado

For those looking for a more upscale experience, Verrado is an excellent choice. This master-planned community offers luxurious resorts, golf courses, and stunning views of the Estrella Mountains. Indulge in fine dining, spa treatments, and experience a serene retreat in this high-end neighborhood.

3. Sundance

Sundance is a family-friendly community, perfect for travelers with children. This neighborhood features various vacation rentals and has plenty of recreational opportunities. Enjoy swimming in community pools, visiting local parks, and taking part in outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

4. Tartesso

Located on the outskirts of Buckeye, Tartesso provides a peaceful retreat amid nature. Stay in charming cabins or rustic lodges and embrace the serene desert environment. This area is ideal for nature lovers who want to explore nearby hiking trails, wildlife reserves, and experience the tranquility of the desert.

Estimated Daily Cost

On average, travelers can expect to spend around $100-150 per day in Buckeye, Arizona. This estimate includes accommodation, meals, transportation, and a few activities. However, costs can vary depending on personal preferences and the level of luxury desired.

Public Transportation Options and Renting a Car

Although Buckeye is a small town, public transportation options are limited. It is recommended to rent a car to fully explore the area and surrounding attractions comfortably. Numerous car rental companies operate nearby, providing affordable options for travelers.

Safety Tips for Travelers

Like any travel destination, it is essential to keep safety in mind while visiting Buckeye, Arizona. Here are some valuable tips for a safe and enjoyable trip:

1. Stay Hydrated

The desert climate can be unforgiving, especially during the summer months. Always carry water and stay hydrated to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

2. Protect Yourself from the Sun

The Arizona sun is intense, so it’s crucial to protect your skin and eyes. Apply sunscreen regularly, wear a hat, and use sunglasses to prevent sunburn and eye damage.

3. Be Aware of Wildlife

Buckeye is home to various desert wildlife, including snakes and scorpions. Take necessary precautions while hiking or exploring nature trails by staying on designated paths and wearing appropriate footwear.

4. Secure Your Belongings

As with any travel destination, keep your belongings secure and never leave valuables unattended. Be cautious of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Buckeye a safe place to visit?

Yes, Buckeye is generally a safe place to visit. However, it is always advisable to practice common safety precautions, like anywhere else in the world.

2. How far is Buckeye from major attractions in Arizona?

Buckeye is conveniently located near various Arizona attractions. The drive to downtown Phoenix takes about 40 minutes, while visiting the iconic Grand Canyon is approximately a 3.5-hour drive.